Useful Information On Buying Air Conditioners


Come summer and everyone wants to invest in an air conditioner. Cooling your home with the right kind of air conditioning unit can lower your power bills. While buying an air conditioner choose the right voltage for your unit. Choosing 115 volt model for more than 7.5 amps connected to a single outlet is recommended. For 208 or 230 volt models, a single or three branch circuits power supplies are needed. The recommended amps and voltage has to be used to protect your home from any problems in the electrical circuit.

Air conditioners come in three different models, window, built in units and freestanding. Each of these performs three basic functions of cooling the room, filtering the air and removing air moisture. Heating and air Knoxville services will help choose the right air conditioner for your space. Check out why we need air conditioner at

These units are affordable and easy to install. The models can be doubled as a heater. The unit can be installed as a single or double-hung window that comes with accordion panels to provide a perfect fit. The model is used for sliding windows and needs support to be attached to the exterior of the house.

This is a portable air conditioning unit that can be moved from one room to another. This comes with a standard ventilating kit used for the exhaust. The vent is similar to a clothes dryer. This model has reservoirs that need regular draining, though some have optional hookups with a drainage hose. There are evaporate models as well that exhausts the moisture. In the last model, there is no need to empty the container often. The portable units are heavy and are not as efficient as window units.

Built-in model
The built in air conditioning unit can be fitted into the wall permanently and can provide both hot and cold air. This is apt for your house and can be connected to the centralized heating system. The built-in model is suitable for your garage. These are expensive when compared to window units and needs a hole in the outside wall. The window space is intact and this offers airtight fit. The larger units need professional installation.

While remodeling your home adding a mini split cooling systems would be apt to save the expenses, especially when it comes to installing the ducts. These are different from the traditional HVAC system. Recently mini splits are turning out to be more popular and are a solution for homes that do not want to invest in a ductwork.

Choosing the right BTU
British thermal Unit (BTU) for your room size can bring the most energy efficient cooling system, particularly for your home. The BTU determines how efficiently and quickly a room can be cooled. The ratings vary from 5,000 BTU and can go over 20,000 BTUs. Fewer BTUs cannot cool a big space. On the contrary, a big air conditioner in a small place can just waste energy and reduce the potential of the air conditioning unit. Therefore, it is vital to take into consideration the room measurements, insulation, ventilation, location and climatic conditions to achieve the best BTU rating.

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