Responsive web design: Pros and cons you should know


Responsive web design is a recent trend and you might come across the term when you indulge in designing a website or attempt to redesign an existing site. Well, responsive web design is aimed at letting the desktop web pages adjust itself to be viewed comfortably at any screen size or web browser. This way, such websites can be viewed on a variety of devices without any glitch. Before creating a responsive web design, you need to know many factors including the pros and cons. Talk to experts at for more info regarding responsive web design.

Pros of responsive web design

The following are the pros of responsive web design.

User-friendly experience: A responsive web design will provide you with a friendly user interface that can adapt to any device including smartphones, tablets, monitors and TVs. So, it will be mobile-friendly web design.

Cost-effective: When comparing the cost of designing a website for various devices, it is more cost-effective to design a responsive website. It will let you save a considerable amount on the design and development of websites for individual devices.

SEO-friendly: A responsive web design will let you collect all the social sharing links on a single URL address provided you are the owner of the site. You can create better and friendly websites this way. Besides social sharing, a responsive web design will be SEO-friendly. Search engine giant Google also gives priority to such responsive websites. And, it is easy for Google to handle the same content and HTML across different versions.

Cons of responsive web design

Now, let’s take a look at the cons of responsive web design.

Doesn’t support old browsers: Internet Explorer was once the most used web browser. But the issue with responsive web design is that it does not support the older versions of Internet Explorer. So, clients who still use the older versions of the browser will not be able to open the website with a responsive design.

Slow load time: Some responsive websites will take a longer time to load. It will not be a big deal as these sites load unnecessary HTML/CSS coding. Usually, the images on such a website are scaled down visually and are not resized to enable them load faster.

Time-consuming to develop: If you want to convert your existing website into a responsive one, then it will take a longer time for the conversion. Instead of this, you can opt to create a new responsive design from the scratch.

Layout: A responsive website’s liquid layout is quite hard for designers to handle and they will try to display design prototypes for desktop and mobile layouts separately. When these layouts are improved, the strategy of a responsive web design can be achieved.

While we saw the pros and cons of a responsive web design, it is important to distinguish the features that you need before making a choice. If you are not able to make a choice, then you can always seek the help of professional web design companies as the experts at these firms will be able to help you make a choice.

5 SEO Tips That Will Boost Traffic

5 Seo Tips That Will Boost Traffic

Using Miami SEO properly can be a tricky thing but if you are niche marketing you have to do it expertly or a great deal of time and money can easily be wasted. Even the experts, people who have been doing it for years, make some common mistakes though, so understanding what these mistakes should be a task for everyone using this technology. The following are some of the more common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Pick your keywords carefully: Keywords are the essence of any search. The problem is that what you may think of as the perfect keyword would never occur to most other
people. The trick here is two-fold. First, do several searches yourself with each keyword and check the number of results. The more results, the more chance that word is used more than the other. Second, use more than one keyword. If you have a vitamin and health food site, you might want to try vitamins, health and health food. It is not good to saturate your content with keywords but using several different keywords can raise your rankings.

2. Leave your users options: Why would you leave the search engine only one way to display? Many sites are using flash now, and it does spice up the site. Search engines don’t necessarily like a flash though, and neither do some users. Providing an HTML alternative is very necessary if raw numbers of visitors are what you are looking for. If the search engines spider can’t read the flash, it can’t index it and you are left out. Make sure to leave the search engine as many alternatives as you possibly can.

3. Limit your Java Scripting:  If you are at all familiar with Java and JavaScript, you will know how effective they are with navigation. The problem is that many search engines cannot read JavaScript and will pass on it. If you must use JavaScript, think about adding a site map or setting your links in a no script tag so that your site is crawlable, it can be navigated without JavaScript tags.

4. Forget Meta tags: They are and have been for a while a thing of the past. The easiest way to solve the Meta problems that can crop up here is to create your Meta keywords together with the description to make it easier. You will find that they rank much better like this and making them match is a much smoother process.

5. Miami SEO is much like living organisms in that you have to feed and maintain them. Let your client know up front that the site will need continuous maintenance to be successful. It must be optimized regularly, with an eye to what your competition is doing in the market. Operating a website like this will keep you current with the ever-changing algorithms of the different search engines.

Keeping your website both fresh and dynamic, current with the times is vital. In following it ensures that you know new trends are in both marketings in your niche and movements within the Miami SEO community.

Tips To Increase Your WordPress Website Upload Speed

improve loading speed of wp site

Are you getting frustrated with your WordPress (WP) website load slower than it used to in the past? Remember the fact that websites with a slower uploading speed discourage visitors from coming and in some cases even cause them to them leave the website very quickly. There are several options like wordpress speed optimization to increase the loading speed of the WP website which determines the impact of user experience.

As per website, if your website takes a longer time to load, it will surely affect your bottom line of your business. For the benefit of the readers, some of the important tips which help to increase the loading time of your WordPress website are listed here for your immediate consideration.

Use the following tips to enhance the speed of your WordPress website:

Use A Caching Plugin
WordPress gives you various options of plugins in order to assists your development process. Hence try to use the plugins such as WP Super Cache, Clear Cache for Me which delete cache create and automatically enhance the download speed.

Upgrade Content Management System
This is one of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your WP website. Such an update will clean up the coding that generally acts as a barrier in maintaining the speed.

Select A Highly Reliable Hosting Plan
Hiring a right web hosting company is an important decision which has a direct impact in determining the speed of your website. Do not hesitate to choose the reputed web hosting services like HostGator which will surely enhance the speed of your loading time of your web pages. Such an action will improve the overall functionality of the website.

Select A Lightweight Theme
Undoubtedly, WordPress provides an array of dynamic themes that are well matched for your business. However, for better speed, you need to choose a lightweight framework or theme that gets the best results.

Compress The Images
Visual images are the ones that get the right traffic and attract the prospect. One image is always better preferred than one thousand words. In order to increase the speed, compress the images without compromising the quality. Use the right plugin such as WP Smush in order to compress the image properly without affecting the quality.

The list is endless as more and more techniques are found by the experts to increase the speed of the websites. Know the fact that speed of your WP website really matters for your online business. Like in our cars by lowering the gear decreases the speed of the car and so as for the websites. For better functionality and fast loading, you need to invent different techniques apart from the proven ones as mentioned above.

Hence, pay attention to such an important activity and hire the right expert to do the work for you. With the right speed, your WP website works better than it worked in the past. In business, speed is the essence and the same rule applies to the speed of your WP website. Ultimately, it is the speed of your website gets the right traffic which has a direct influence in getting the desired profit in your business.

The Future Of SEO And Digital Trends


The demand for SEO and digital trends has seen a steady increase in the recent years. This is due to the significance of digital marketing. The future of SEO can be discussed based on the past performance. Let us have a look at the evolution of Google for the last ten months. This helps us to predict the future of SEO and digital trends. There is a steady increase of the SEO companies located around the world. The experienced SEO company in Reno Nevada has been a pioneer in the industry in the recent years. According to the experts at, in this digital era, it is the right time to predict the future of SEO. Let us take a brief look at the growth of Google in the past. It will help to predict what the future of SEO is in store for everyone in the coming years.

Evolution Of Google-2016
The year 2016 is an intense year for Google. It has seen drastic growth and improvements regarding SEO and digital trends. Some of the notable evolutions are
· Google is on the move towards the mobile only world.
· Google search is dependent mainly on predictive and personalized search.
· Voice search is gaining more importance.
· Machine Learning and deep learning play a prominent role in Google search.
· More importance is given to Local search.
· Video and image marketing is gaining more significance

Shift From Desktop Search To Mobile Search
With the deployment of AMP by Google in the year 2015, there is a steady shift of desktop Google search to mobile search. The search traffic results for various results websites is a clear proof for the need of mobile forest indexing. This is due to the increase in the use of smartphones and decrease in the use of desktops. This does not mean you need to neglect desktop search completely, as the desktop is the most used device for product search.

Move Towards Mobile First Indexing-2017
In the year 2017 Google has decided to switch its search results based on mobile first indexing.
You need to do the following to your websites so that your website would rank better with mobile first indexing.
· Making the content and pages available in desktop and mobile versions the same.
· Incorporating structured data for mobile versions.
· Thinking of a link building strategy.
Growth Of AMP
Google introduced accelerated Mobile Pages in the year 2015. This enables fast loading of the web content for mobile users. Initially, AMP was first directed to news and blogs site. Now AMP results are provided for recipe sites.

Progressive Web App
It is the trending topic of the year 2017. The PWP is the best choice for e-commerce sites, as it allows the e-commerce website to act as an app. This will be more useful when you do not have a separate app for your website.

Plan For 2017
· Optimising parsing and indexing of Google algorithm.
· Use of Google Assistant API and custom voice commands.
· Try to use branding as one of the strategies for SEO.
· Rethink about keyword search.
At the end of the day, it would be prudent to have an overview of what the future has in store for SEO to be able to ready to adapt to the new changes without too much trouble.

SEO – How Important Is It To Your Business?


There are a lot of talks going around about the imminent death of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a marketing tool. But experts are of the opinion that it is far from dead though it is widely believed to undergo a sea change as far as its utility is concerned. Some are firm in their belief that it would work well as a branding strategy than as a marketing tactic. To learn more about the relevance of SEO, go through sites like that offers insightful information on this topic.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this and understand the current scenario with the help of experts at With Google being committed to updating the search algorithms regularly, SEO professionals all around the world are trying to out-maneuver their competitors. Let us check some of the reasons why it is still considered important for your business to invest in SEO.

It Is Still Effective
Contrary to all the noises you hear around you about the demise of this strategy, it is still very much alive. Marketing specialists will point out that if your SEO strategies focus on optimal user experiences, then you are going to be rewarded with higher rankings and organic traffic. The way search engines are developing, it is predicted that SEO will continue to be a useful tool for a long time. The audio and video searches are also apparently slated to use the keywords just like the text-based contents and this link gives the assurance that SEO techniques will continue to be used.

Cost Factor
The SEO is still one of the cheapest methods to engage with your clients when compared to other online marketing strategies like PPC advertising and social media marketing. The Return on Investment (ROI) is considered to be reasonably good for SEO. The other marketing tools may have its own advantages – like, PPC advertising may bring in more revenue and social media campaigns would do a whole world of good for your image – but, the SEO will always remain the anchor of your online presence.

Search Engines To Locate Your Business
Customers these days are going online to make purchases and they also invariably end up looking at the reviews of the products they are about to purchase. Without an organic SEO strategy in place, you are going to fall behind your competitors. Not being able to locate your business online would ring the death knell for your venture.

Mobile Bandwidth
Sometime later this year, the mobile traffic is expected to cross the traffic experienced by the traditional desktop devices by experts. With Google too adopting the ‘Mobile First’ strategy, the direction of growth has now become evident. This dramatic increase in mobile usage has resulted in some new SEO techniques like local search optimization becoming more prevalent.

Prolific Content Profile
The way search algorithms have been updated over the years, several social media indicators are being given never-before importance. They have an impact on your ranking making it an essential factor to build a healthy content profile for your business if you want to win this game.